You’ve Watched Succession, Now You’re Ready For Peep Show

Forget the billionaire Roy family, it’s time for men with ven.

Robert Webb and David Mitchell in Peep Show on Channel 4
Photo: Channel 4

Warning: contains spoilers for the Succession season four finale.

In the final scene of British comedy Peep Show (2003 – 2015), longtime flatmates Jez and Mark are watching TV and idly swapping murder methods they’d use on each other. “Aw,” Jez thinks in voiceover as he gazes fondly over at Mark, “we do love each other really.” In silence, Mark looks back at Jez as his own inner monologue concludes, “I simply must get rid of him.” 

Roll credits. 

It’s the perfect ending to a nigh-on perfect male friendship comedy – funny, unsentimental, and truthful. You can be married to somebody, related to somebody, or like Mark and Jez, be two mismatched socks paired up by tumble dryer static decades ago who never had the wherewithal to peel yourselves apart, and still never know what another person is really thinking. 


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