Manifest: What Really Happened to Zeke?

Manifest had its own unique brand of time travel, but no one felt the effects of causality loops and reset timelines quite like Zeke.

Zeke and Michaela smiling in Manifest season 4
Photo: Scott McDermott / Netflix

This article contains Manifest spoilers.

Based on the events in the final season of Manifest, it’s clear that there was a lot more time travel going on besides the five-year leap forward at the beginning of the series. Even the comparatively smaller jumps that armed robber James Griffin and cave dweller Zeke Landon experienced were mere kinks in the twisting timeline that, when all was said and done, was at the mercy of the divine consciousness. While we saw a certain logic to it all through Michaela’s eyes, the life of her late husband (now living taxi driver) Zeke was perhaps the most convoluted of all.

Never have we rooted for a MacGuffin more, and make no mistake, that’s what Zeke was, although Manifest would have us believe he served at the whim of the divine consciousness rather than the narrative the writers contrived. Either way, he was proof that the death date existed and further proof that it could be beaten. The fact that he went on to become a counselor/healer with empathic powers rather than being sent back to his start date is where he differs from the passengers of Flight 828. Without his sacrifice, Cal could not have saved the world; that much is clear.

How surprising then that Zeke still featured prominently in the final season as an omniscient visitor from the past! When Zeke was in the cave years before, he entered the bright light of the all-knowing, just as Flight 828 did, but apparently he spent part of this timeless time with the imprisoned Michaela of his future, comforting her about his necessary death despite not having met her yet from his perspective. While in the light, he knew everything the future held and was even able to glean facts about their past that he couldn’t have known without divine help: moments when their life paths nearly crossed.


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