Secret Invasion Release Date, Cast, Trailer, and Story

Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury finally gets the center stage in Secret Invasion, the latest Marvel Cinematic Universe television series on Disney+.

Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) in Secret Invasion
Photo: Marvel

Nothing is as it seems in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and that’s trouble for the world’s greatest spy, Nick Fury. Fury has been a key player behind the scenes since he walked out of the shadows in Tony Stark’s penthouse in the first MCU film, Iron Man. Since then, Fury has played a supporting role in the world, helping refugee Skrulls and befriending intergalactic warrior Captain Marvel. Oh, and there was also that little side project he worked on – assembling the Avengers. Now, Samuel L. Jackson takes the lead in Secret Invasion, as Fury uncovers a cell of shape-shifting Skrull dissidents ready to put Earth under their control.

Here’s the Secret Invasion information we’ve gathered so far:

Secret Invasion Release Date

Like all the MCU TV series, Secret Invasion will stream on Disney+, with episode one dropping on June 21, 2023. Each of the following five episodes will be available on the Wednesdays that follow, with the final episode coming on July 26. The episodes typically drop at 3am ET/8am BST!

Secret Invasion Cast

As a mainline MCU series, Secret Invasion features a number of familiar faces alongside Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury. He’ll be joined by other recognizable MCU denizens, including:


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