Taskmaster’s Best Prize Tasks: From Dead Pets to Hiding in Greg Davies’ Wardrobe

From David Baddiel’s dead cat to an unforgettable haircut reveal, these are Taskmaster’s finest prize task entries.

Taskmaster Prize Task screengrab composite header image
Photo: Avalon/Dave/Channel 4

Warning: contains, well, would you call them spoilers? Anyway, those.

Taskmaster’s weekly prize task involves each contestant bringing in an item that responds to the same prompt (Most Powerful Smell/Best Chair/Most Important Document…) in the hope of winning the lot at the end of the episode. It’s the first task of every show, a chance for the comedians to land a punchline early doors, and points-wise, to bag what series 15 runner-up Ivo Graham might refer to as “a Sweet Five”.

All that time to plan the perfect response! What a boon for swots and “Be Prepared” types, you might think. Sometimes. And sometimes not. The capricious nature of the Taskmaster’s scoring logic often finds painstakingly honed prize task entries sent away with a single point while zero-thought efforts delivered with conviction sail off with the big money. And by big money, we mean framed photographs of Frankie Boyle’s children, and a promise from Sally Phillips to fossilise a human turd.

From the meticulously designed to the laterally thought-out, to the genuinely daring, let’s count down Taskmaster’s (main series only) Top 20 prize task submissions. (And yes, of course the mohawk is Top 3.)


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