The New York Times Just Invented Only Connect’s Connecting Wall

A whole Twitter-worth of fans – including Only Connect host Victoria Coren-Mitchell – were keen to point out Connections’ uncanny similarities to the BBC quiz show

Victoria Coren-Mitchell presents Only Connect
Photo: BBC

Well this is awkward. 

It’s not often you get to see a version of the “Can I copy your homework?” meme play out in real time, but that’s exactly what’s just happened: The New York Times has released a brand-new game, Connections, in which you have to find four connecting groups of four items in a grid:

There’s just one slight snag in this exciting announcement: this is identical to the third round of the popular BBC quiz show Only Connect, which has been hosted by Victoria Coren-Mitchell since it first began airing 15 years ago in 2008. Known as the ‘Connecting Wall’ round, it’s so popular it even had its own “Wall Night Special”:

But it’s alright, because probably no one noticed, right? Ahem:


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