Why Black Mirror Season 6 Feels Like an Entirely New Show

Black Mirror season 6 is quite different from any other. And according to creator Charlie Brooker, there’s a good reason for that.

Black Mirror. Anjana Vasan as Nida in Black Mirror.
Photo: Nick Wall | Netflix

This article contains no spoilers for Black Mirror season 6.

Speaking to Den of Geek shortly before the long-awaited sixth season premiere of his sci-fi anthology series Black Mirror, creator and writer Charlie Brooker owned up to having some opening night jitters.

“It’s quite different in many ways, which means it’s much more unpredictable,” Brooker says of Black Mirror season 6. “Hopefully, the psychological landscape of it is traditionally Black Mirror, even if it sort of shakes up what the rules are. But I don’t know. It’s scary because you just don’t know how people will react.”

No two episodes of Black Mirror are the same. That comes with the territory of anthology storytelling. But ever since Channel 4 premiered series opener “The National Anthem” in 2011, Black Mirror installments have traditionally followed certain rules, formats, and traditions – even as the series moved to Netflix starting with its third season. Taking their cue from the series’ name (a “black mirror” is what we all see dozens of times a day in the blissfully quiet moment before our screens turn on), Black Mirror stories tend to be about technology, human beings, and the increasingly dystopian ways the two intersect


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