Black Mirror: Ranking Every Episode

Black Mirror is the best sci-fi/horror anthology since The Twilight Zone. But which episodes are the best of the best? See our choices, including season 6, here!

Composite of multiple Black Mirror episodes.
Photo: Channel 4, Netflix | Art by Chloe Lewis

In the early days of pre-Netflix Black Mirror, there was a thrill (for some of us at least) that came along with easily being able to rattle off one’s favorite episodes.

There were only six at the time (“The National Anthem,” “15 Million Merits,” “The Entire History of You,” “Be Right Back,” “White Bear,” and “The Waldo Moment”) so it was easy to gather them all up in your brain and spit them out in the order you preferred.

Now Netflix has stepped in to start mass producing Black Mirror‘s as fast as creator Charlie Brooker can produce them. The episode number (now at 28 with season 6) has become a bit more unwieldy so it’s finally time to put some pen to paper on this bad boy.

What follows is our official list of every Black Mirror episode from worst to best. You will disagree with it because how could you not? Just be sure to let us know how foolish we are in the comments.


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