From The Last Dance to Gods of Snooker: The Best Sports Documentaries on TV

Here are some of our favorite sports documentaries that television has to offer.

Jessica McDonald on LFG, Mack Beggs in Changing the Game, Ronald Ollie in Last Chance U
Photo: Max | Hulu | Netflix

“Wait, the name at the top of this website reads ‘Den of Geek’ and now they’re talking about sports? Don’t they know I’m gangly and uncoordinated?”

Yes, dear reader, we know that. Truth is, we’re all gangly and uncoordinated as well. But that doesn’t mean that we geeks can’t occasionally get together and enjoy the dramatic majesty of competitive sports. Sports documentaries have always been a part of the entertainment ecosystem. Of late, however, it seems as though there’s more of them for the casual sports fan or even fully sports-phobic TV-watcher to enjoy. 

ESPN’s “30 for 30” sports documentary initiative kicked off a new era of TV sports documentaries in 2009. And since then, the offerings have only gotten better. With streamers like Netflix fully into the fray there have never been as many compelling sports stories being told as there is right now. With that in mind, we decided to document some of our favorites. Here is a list of some TV sports documentaries and docuseries that we’ve enjoyed, regardless of our athletic capabilities.


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