Black Mirror: Demon 79 Has a Hidden Backstory That Explains the Ending

Demon 79 star Anjana Vasan shares a theory that makes the ending of her Black Mirror episode even clearer.

Black Mirror. Anjana Vasan as Nida in Black Mirror.
Photo: Nick Wall | Netflix

This article contains spoilers for the Black Mirror season 6 episode “Demon 79.”

When Anjana Vasan (We Are Lady Parts) signed on to star in the Black Mirror episode “Demon 79,” it wasn’t entirely clear whether it would even exist under the Black Mirror banner. Black Mirror creator Charlie Brooker and co-writer Bisha K. Ali began the project as an exercise in writing “Red Mirror,” a companion piece for Brooker’s long-running sci-fi anthology in which the usual rules needn’t apply.

“We knew that it was a bit longer than a [usual Black Mirror] episode. We didn’t even know at the start if there were going to be other episodes or if we were just a one-off special,” Vasan says.

Operating under cloak and dagger secrecy is something that any actor must get used to when working on Black Mirror – particularly when it’s an entry that seeks to rip up the show’s traditional rulebook like Demon 79 does. As its title suggests, Demon 79 takes place in a fictional English hamlet in 1979. Vasan stars as Nida, a mild-mannered Indian-British woman struggling to earn respect from her racist peers in an increasingly intolerant political environment. One day, Nida comes across a cursed talisman that unleashes the demon Gaap (Paapa Essiedu). Gaap informs Nida that she must kill three innocent people within three days or else usher in the apocalypse.


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