The Bear Season 2 Is About The Struggle to Be ‘Normal’

The Bear’s second season confronts the unimaginable horror of a life lived without work.

Carmy Bertazzo (Jeremy Allen White) in The Bear season 2
Photo: Chuck Hodes | FX

This article contains spoilers for The Bear season 2.

Near the end of the first episode of FX‘s The Bear season 2, the unthinkable happens. After a typically long day of renovating their Original Beef of Chicagoland lunch spot into the chic gastro experience The Bear, chefs Carmy Berzatto (Jeremy Allen White) and Sydney Adamu (Ayo Edebiri) discover that they, improbably, have nothing left to do for the night. It leads to the following exchange.

Carmy: “It feels weird though, right? It’s too chill?”
Sydney: “I don’t know. We can go home early?”
Carmy: “What are you…uh?”
Sydney: “Oh … I don’t know. What are you gonna … “
Carmy: “No idea.”

The camera then follows Carmy home just so that we can see how little of an idea of what to do with his free time he really has. He sits around like an NPC in a video game, twiddling his thumbs and fiddling with a pocket knife. He walks around his apartment, glancing at the many past due bills he’s accrued and the hastily scrawled out plans to repay them. He glances down at his phone as if expecting some sort of answer to come from there.


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