Outlander’s Latest Shocking Ending Teases Jamie and Claire’s Deadly Future

The second episode of Outlander season 7 has a shocking cliffhanger ending!

Richard Rankin and Sophie Skelton in Outlander Season 7
Photo: Starz

This review contains spoilers

This week’s Outlander episode, “The Happiest Place on Earth”, covers a lot of ground in terms of action and character development. The extended cold open closes the chapter on the Christie family saga, which allows the remaining part of the episode to set up re-introducing William Ransom as a young man who will have his own story, as well as setting up the main obstacle for Brianna and Roger to overcome this season. 

After Tom Christie’s death, Alan reveals to Claire that he was the one who killed Malva. He was motivated by jealousy that Malva was trying to break off their incestuous relationship and her failure to get child support cash out of Jamie. Ian believes Alan is about to attack Claire, so he shoots him dead with an arrow. Claire feels guilty, but a passer-by tells her Alan deserved it for his actions. 

Brianna gives birth to a baby girl, Amanda Claire Hope Mackenzie, shortened to Mandy. Jamie and Claire love their first granddaughter. Claire unfortunately detects that Mandy has a heart defect because of discoloration in her nails. She doesn’t have the equipment to perform the surgery in the 18th Century but she knows her colleagues from the hospital in Boston would be able to help. Brianna and Roger decide the safest thing to do would be to travel back to the future for the best chance for Mandy’s recovery. They travel to Wilmington to find additional gemstones for the journey. Jemmy confirms to everyone he can hear the stones buzzing and that Mandy can too even though her reaction is babbling.


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