Why the Stakes in Marvel’s Secret Invasion Are So Different

There’s a secret war afoot in Marvel’s new series and only a haunted Nick Fury can stop it.

Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury
Photo: Des Willie/Marvel

When we first meet Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) again in Marvel’s new Disney+ streaming series, Secret Invasion, he’s a different man than when we last saw him.

Dressed in grubby street clothes as opposed to his usual sleek black tactical gear, his eyepatch missing, his beard grown out and his posture a bit slumped, the usually unflappable former head of S.H.I.E.L.D. finally seems old. Almost defeated. But that’s what years of protecting the Earth from menaces both homegrown and otherworldly will do to you, right?

“Nick Fury [is] a human being, not a superhero,” says director Ali Selim, who helms all six episodes of Secret Invasion, starting with today’s (June 21) premiere. “He returns to Earth and puts his feet on the ground…he’s aging, which is interesting to me, gaining wisdom, losing a step, finding purpose within a world that is changing.”

Selim adds that he wanted to tell a “very human-scaled story,” which is an interesting way to describe a tale in which a cadre of shape-shifting aliens is launching terror attacks and trying to infiltrate the highest levels of global power so that they colonize Earth for themselves.


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