Catching Killers Season 3: Where to Learn About The DC Sniper, New York Zodiac Killer, and More

Netflix covers four prominent killers in Catching Killers season 3. Here is where you can find the full stories of their crimes.

Screenshot from Catching Killers season 3
Photo: Netflix

Catching Killers season 3 premiered on June 23 on Netflix. 

In previous seasons, the true crime documentary series explored infamous murders such as The Happy Face Killer, BTK, and the Phoenix Serial Shooter. Now the latest season dives into the stories of four new killers: the Railroad Killer, the New York Zodiac Killer, the Olympic Park Bomber and the D.C. Sniper. 

However, the Netflix series is not the first time these serial killers have been looked at by the media. If you want to know where to find more information about each of these four cases, here is where you can look.

Railroad Killer 

Angel Maturino Reséndiz, also known as the Railroad Killer is suspected of killing at least 23 people across the United States and Mexico in the 1990s. Before voluntarily surrendering himself to law enforcement in 1999, Reséndiz was on the FBI’s Top 10 Most Wanted list. He also featured on the show America’s Most Wanted. After being convicted of capital murder, Reséndiz was executed on June 27, 2006 by lethal injection. 


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