Skull Island Review: Good Kong, Bad People

Netflix’s Skull Island proves the lasting appeal of the MonsterVerse but could use some better humans for Kong to play with.

Skull Island. Cr. COURTESY OF NETFLIX © 2022
Photo: Netflix

This Skull Island review contains no spoilers.

Skull Island must be one of the worst fictional places to become stranded in. Any human’s small stature compared to the gigantic carnivorous creatures and deadly terrains inhabited bode low chances for survival. Oh, yeah, and a kaiju-sized gorilla protects the island from every threat that comes its way. 

For such an exciting land of wonder and mystery, only the most boring people of various one-note archetypes ever come across it. Such is the case with Netflix‘s animated series Skull Island, the first television venture for Legendary’s ever-expansive MonsterVerse franchise where Kong and Godzilla reside. For some reason, the anime-influenced series featuring the king of Hollow Earth makes Kong come second in service for mediocre human drama and Nickelodeon-styled humor with such little punch. 

Set in the 1990s, Skull Island picks up with wise-cracking 17-year-old Charlie (Nicolas Cantu), his dad Cap (Benjamin Bratt), and Charlie’s moody best friend Mike (Darren Barnet) as they sail on a high seas exploring expedition. They come across an island girl named Annie (a wonderful Mae Whitman) who trespasses onto their boat, looking for a place to hide from a group of soldiers. When a giant squid-like creature attacks a few vessels, theirs included, they are shipwrecked and separated on Skull Island. Annie, Charlie, and Mike are on one side of the island, while Cap gets stranded on another along with a mysterious woman named Irene (Betty Gilpin) and her right-hand man Sam (Phil LaMarr), who is on a mission to find Annie. As they trek across the isle, the two parties must survive and find each other to return home safely, considering if the raging squid in the sea is defeated. If the teens can convince Kong, the only creature able to combat the sea beast, they might have a shot at making it out alive. 


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