Secret Invasion: Extremis, Cull Obsidian, and Super Skrulls Explained

Things get more complicated in the latest episode of Secret Invasion, which calls back to the past of the Marvel Cinematic Universe while pointing toward its future.

Emilia Clarke and Ben Mendelsohn in Secret Invasion
Photo: Marvel

This post contains spoilers for Secret Invasion, Episode Two.

Although she went about it in perhaps the worst way possible, MI6 agent Sonya Falsworth did uncover some crucial information in the latest episode of Secret Invasion. Not only are the Skrulls here on Earth, but they have a plan to get stronger.

More palatable is the way that G’iah discovers similar information, tailing a fellow Skrull to a secret lab. There, she overhears scientists talking about a Harvest, complete with DNA from various creatures. Some of those creatures we recognize, such as the beloved Guardian of the Galaxy Groot and the Frost Beast battled by Thor. But you might need a quick refresher about the other two notable examples, the remains of an Extremis soldier and the arm of Cull Obsidian. More importantly, the secret lab and the samples raise a question: What is the Skrulls’ real plan?


We first saw Extremis in Iron Man 3, as the invention of that movie’s true villain, Aldrich Killian. Killian and his organization Advanced Idea Mechanics (AIM) designed Extremis as a way to harness full human potential. Most immediately, Killian sold AIM as a way for wounded vets to regrow missing limbs. But Killian hid an important by-product of Extremis: the way it turned people into human bombs. Killian’s plans for Extremis necessitated a cover to blame it on, and thus borrowed the identity of Wenwu, father of Shang-Chi, to invent a terrorist called the Mandarin.


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