Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Season 2 Episode 3 Easter Eggs Just Changed Khan Canon

The most surprising Strange New Worlds episode yet contains many throwbacks to the rest of Star Trek — some more obvious than others.

Kirk, Pelia, and La'an in Star Trek: Strange New Worlds
Photo: Michael Gibson/Paramount+

This Star Trek: Strange New Worlds article contains spoilers.

With the third episode of its second season, Strange New Worlds seems to rewrite the canon of The Original Series. But what makes “Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow” so interesting is that the episode itself is smartly understated. Despite the seismic events within the story — including at least one parallel timeline and the death of a major character — this episode still feels intimate, in the tradition of The Original Series, specifically the classic “City on the Edge of Forever.” 

In fact, despite all the specific easter eggs, in many ways, “Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow” is one big easter egg for “City.” With that in mind, here are the spoiler-filled references and callbacks for “Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow,” complete with stone knives and bear skins.

Denobulan Cadet

At the beginning of the episode, we see a Denobulan cadet arguing with La’an Noonien-Singh. The Denobulans were an alien race made famous by Dr. Phlox in the prequel series Enterprise. This is the first time a Denobulan has appeared in a live-action Star Trek series outside of Enterprise, though we have seen Denobulans in the animated shows Lower Decks and Prodigy.


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