Celebrating TV’s Chaotic Bisexual Characters

While not all bi characters are chaotic, a lot of the cool ones are. From Beckett Mariner to Harley Quinn, here are the best chaotic bisexuals on TV.

Harley Quinn Valentine's Day Special
Photo: HBO Max

A Chaotic or Disaster Bisexual is defined in a variety of ways. They could give off so much chaotic energy, that without knowing anything else about them you could correctly guess that they’re bi. They can also be defined by their awkwardness when it comes to flirting and expressing their feelings. Despite being attracted to a wide variety of people, the Chaotic Bisexual is a hot mess above all else.

While some may see this term as an insult or an essentialization of an entire sexuality, many embrace this title with open arms. Identifying as a Chaotic Bisexual allows us to embrace the flaws that make us human and not take ourselves so seriously. Bi people have to deal with so many misunderstandings both within and outside of the queer community – we’re not queer enough for some, too queer for others – and this term gives us a chance to form community on our own terms.

As someone who grew up in a conservative area and has struggled to accept my own bi identity, being able to watch bi characters on TV as an adult who are just as, if not more, chaotic than I am has been an important step in my journey of acceptance. If these characters can be messy and imperfect, then why can’t I?

To celebrate Pride month, and my own personal journey as a Chaotic Bisexual, here are some of the best Chaotic Bisexual characters on TV.


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