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Perlie enters Thunderdome, Negan cooks, and Maggie meets a dinosaur. The Walking Dead: Dead City is starting to get nice and grimy.

the walking dead dead city episode 3 review people are a resource
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This The Walking Dead: Dead City review contains spoilers.

The Walking Dead: Dead City Episode 3

My initial comparison between The Walking Dead: Dead City and Escape from New York was, at first glance, only surface level. There are similarities, clearly, but I had no idea that The Croat (Zeljko Ivanek) was having gladiator fights in a non-union store-brand equivalent of the Octagon. Now it’s clear that Dead City is a riff on Escape from New York, and as far as things to pattern your show after, you could do worse than John Carpenter. He’s the master of genre flicks, after all; for all the emphasis on human drama and soap opera emotions, The Walking Dead universe is a survival horror universe at its very core, and touches like this show a willingness to embrace that.

Of course, you have to have something in between all the special effects and action sequences. Naturally, those gaps can be filled in with back story, be it Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) and Ginny (Mahina Napoleon) working out a communication system and looking for her lost dinosaur toy, Negan detailing what happened to Annie and his child, or The Croat explaining what’s keeping all of his electric lights on in between lectures about bacteria transmission. That’s not to say it’s bad, but it is wordy, and there’s a lot of it.

At a certain point, we get two sets of back story happening in the same scene, but as far as character development goes, it works. Maggie (Lauren Cohan) talks about the last time she saw Hershel (Logan Kim) prior to his kidnapping, detailing the fight the two of them had. Negan responds in kind, explaining just why Annie has been written out of this spinoff, what happened to her, and why he’s wanted by the New Babylon authorities. That it all punctuates with a pretty solid joke from Keith Staskiewicz’s script is a nice button on the scene. Both characters opened up and shared a little bit, but Maggie had to get that last little dig in at Negan to prove her superiority, and Negan had to smile and take it, because it was pretty funny and he seems to appreciate a little push back from the people around him.


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