New Star Wars Theory Points to the Return of a Major Clone Wars Hero on Disney+

Ahsoka could be reuniting with an important character from her Jedi past.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars
Photo: Lucasfilm

Prequel Trilogy actor Temuera Morrison has enjoyed a bit of a Star Wars renaissance in recent years, thanks to live-action shows such as The Mandalorian and The Book of Boba Fett. In both, he took on the role of Boba Fett, the bounty hunting son of the equally infamous mercenary Jango Fett, Morrison’s original character from Attack of the Clones. His role as Boba Fett has opened up a whole new realm of possibilities for Morrison in Star Wars despite Jango’s death in the Prequels.

But although Boba’s story seemed far from over after the events of Book, Morrison didn’t appear in the third season of The Mandalorian, which picks up where his series left off. With no certainty that Book of Boba Fett will even get a second season or that there are plans for the daimyo of Mos Espa in The Mandalorian season 4, we’ve been left to wonder when we might see Morrison in the armor again. Thankfully, there may be hope yet for the actor’s return if a new online fan theory is true. But not as Boba…

You see, at the end of June, the mobile game Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes announced that it would be adding Captain Rex to its catalog of playable characters. While the character’s armor looks exactly like Rex’s does in the Rebels animated series, the animated character’s face looks a lot like Morrison. This character design has led many to theorize that Morrison could be making an appearance in the show as a live-action version of Rex.

This isn’t as far-fetched a fan theory as you might initially think. After all, Star Wars is well known for the ways it incorporates the movies, TV series, books, comics, and video games into a single continuity and the way all these different mediums communicate with each other. In fact, synergy across different branches of Star Wars has been a key part of Disney’s storytelling strategy since the studio took over the franchise in 2012. So, while it’s of course possible Galaxy of Heroes has simply introduced a Rex that looks a lot like Morrison as a nod to live-action fans, it could also be teasing a surprise new Star Wars role for the actor. It would make a bit of sense considering Rex is technically a clone of Morrison’s Jango Fett and that the Clone Wars character has long been an important ally to Ahsoka Tano, who coincidentally is about to get her own Disney+ series in August. Is there a more perfect time for Morrison’s debut as a live-action Rex?


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