The Real Life Story of the Ashley Madison Hack

ABC and Hulu’s The Ashely Madison Affair covers the fallout of the controversial site’s hack. Here is the full story.

The Ashley Madison Affair
Photo: ABC

ABC and Hulu are teaming up this summer to provide true crime fans with some incredible docuseries, and the first to premiere is The Ashley Madison Affair, which does a deep dive into the controversial dating site Ashley Madison and its 2015 hack.

The Ashley Madison Affair is a three-part docuseries investigating how the dating website that allowed married people to have affairs experienced a scandalous hacking case that exposed its users’ private information. The docuseries interviews many of those at the heart of the scandal, and while it doesn’t add much to what those who have followed the scandal already know, it does make us wonder how this company managed to survive. 

Ashley Madison, which got its name by combining the most popular girls names of 2001, is not like your casual Tinder or Bumble because, unlike most people on those sites, the clients of Ashley Madison are already married. The premise of Ashley Madison is helping people,  including politicians and priests, cheat on their spouses and essentially have the “perfect” affair. 

The thrill of having an affair with a married person wasn’t the only thing that made the website popular as despite being denied adverts in the Superbowl program in 2009, it cashed in on scandals such as those of New York Governor Eliot Spitzer. After Spitzer’s affair was revealed Ashely Madison’s C.E.O. Noel Biderman took out a full page ad in the New York Post criticising the governor for paying for sex instead of using a service like Ashley Madison. 


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