Can The Horror of Dolores Roach Continue With Season 2?

The Horror of Dolores Roach creator Aaron Mark has some big plans for the future of the show.

Pictured (L-R): Alejandro Hernandez (Luis) and Justina Machado (Dolores Roach)
Photo: Jasper Savage | Prime Video

This article contains spoilers for The Horror of Dolores Roach season 1.

The Horror of Dolores Roach season 1 dropped Friday, July 7 on Prime Video, telling the story of a masseuse who kills her clients and disposes of the bodies by selling them as empanadas. Those of you who have seen it (Spoilers!) may have thought the story was over when Dolores finally found her way to an address she had been told belonged to her ex-boyfriend, with the episode cutting to black as she leaps in to strangle whoever answers the door. But according to Aaron Mark, the show’s creator (and the writer of the podcast and stage play the TV series is based on), there is still a great deal more to tell.

Of course, viewers who can’t wait to see what Dolores Roach does next have the option of checking out season two of the original podcast, which sees Dolores go underground (literally) as she finds a community living in abandoned New York City subway tunnels.

But while Mark stops short of saying we definitely won’t see those adventures play out on screen, he wants to take Dolores in a different direction.


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