Endeavour: Shaun Evans Doesn’t Think Morse Is Okay After The Series Finale

Morse’s future may well be “incredibly sad, desperate and depressing”, says Shaun Evans, but he’s proud that the drama avoided a simplistic happy ending. Spoilers.

Shaun Evans in Endeavour S9 Episode 3
Photo: Mammoth Screen/Patrick Smith

Warning: contains spoilers for the Endeavour series nine finale ‘Exeunt’.

It’s almost a year since filming wrapped on Endeavour in August 2022, and longer than that since actor-director-producer Shaun Evans first read the script for his character’s exit. During that time, Evans has reflected on the show’s finale ‘Exeunt’, what his years as Morse have meant to him (spoiler: a great deal), and what the future may hold for his crossword-solving, bitter-drinking detective in the decades before Inspector Morse begins.

In an in-depth and poignant new interview with PBS Masterpiece (read it in full here), Evans says goodbye to the role for good, and explains why Joan and Fred’s endings struck exactly the right bittersweet note.

When the script for Endeavour’s finale arrived, Shaun Evans tells PBS Masterpiece, he thought “That’s it. That’s exactly what it should be.” Now that ‘Exeunt’ has aired in the US after premiering on ITV in the UK in March 2023, it’s safe to say that the majority of fans agreed with him. Series nine ended with Miss Thursday married to Jim Strange, Fred forced to disappear with Winn and Sam, and Endeavour alone and well on his way to becoming the cynical bachelor made famous by John Thaw in Inspector Morse. Though everybody survived, it wasn’t what you’d call a happy ending.


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