How the Cast of Outlander Are Bringing the American Revolutionary War to Life in Season 7

We talked to the showrunner and cast of Outlander about what fans can expect from season 7, the war ahead, and the show’s lingering mysteries.

Richard Rankin as Roger Mackenzie and Sophie Skelton as Brianna Mackenzie in Outlander Season 7
Photo: Starz

This article contains thematic spoilers of Outlander season 7 episodes 1 through 4 and teasers from episodes 5-8

The Droughtlander is over! Outlander has returned to Starz, and the Fraser family is reckoning with the reality that they cannot hide from the Revolutionary War. Everyone will have to make the choice to join the fight or stay out of it.  

Den Of Geek spoke to showrunner Maril Davis and returning actors Sophie Skelton, Richard Rankin, David Berry, and John Bell, plus new to this season actors Charles Vandervaart, Joey Phillips, and Izzy Meikle-Small, to get the behind-the-scenes scoop on how Outlander is bringing a character-focused perspective to history that viewers are already familiar with. 

Although Outlander Season 7 is split into two halves, all 16 episodes were filmed together, which Davis admits she initially found daunting. “I thought it would be worse than it was,” she  says. “I thought season one was a challenge. I don’t think any of us had been on a show that took a year to film before. After that, we shortened our seasons quite a bit and did 12 episodes. I think the prospect of doing 16 was a little daunting, but honestly, it was an amazing season.”


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