The Taskmaster Cinematic Universe is Expanding – But Where Could It Go Next?

First they announced Junior Taskmaster, now there are rumours of a Foodmaster spin-off – but what next? Our money’s on Staremaster…

Alex Horne in Taskmaster
Photo: Avalon

It’s certainly a good time to be a Taskmaster fan. Series 15 had one of the best casts yet, becoming an instant fan favourite (and making the top 5 of our series ranking), and series 16 has a seriously promising line-up. Channel 4 has confirmed we’re getting at least six more series of Taskmaster-y goodness over the next three years, and the show is even getting its first spin-off: Junior Taskmaster, fronted by former Taskmaster alumni Rose Matafeo and Mike Wozniak.

Now that Junior Taskmaster is confirmed, there’s been a rumour that there’s a second spin-off on the way: the culinary-themed Foodmaster. If rumours in The Sun are true (!), there’s a pilot in the works already for this foodie version of the show, but Greg Davies and Alex Horne aren’t on the menu. 

What if this is true and – more importantly – what if this is just the start? What if there’s a deal in the offing for a full-on Taskmaster Cinematic Universe, placing us unwittingly at the Iron Man/”Phase one” end of the scale, with an exponentially expanding franchise of Taskmaster-themed TV franchises stretching to the horizon – or even Alex Horne’s 50th birthday party – and beyond? 

Just imagine:


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