Betrayal: The Perfect Husband – The Real Story of Jenifer Faison and Spencer Herron

Hit podcast Betrayal is now a Hulu documentary series.

Betrayal: The Perfect Husband promo poster
Photo: Hulu

Hulu is continuing its summer of true crime with new docuseries Betrayal: The Perfect Husband, which tells the story of a brave high school student who spoke up about being sexually assaulted by her teacher Spencer Herron.

The focus of this docuseries is one that true crime fans may already be familiar with through the hit podcast Betrayal, which explored Herron’s crimes. Hulu’s adaptation of the podcast attempts to add more depth to this story as it tracks how, while Herron was manipulating those around him, he was able to maintain the persona of a beloved teacher as well as a loving husband. Jenifer Faison thought she was living a fairytale romance with her college sweetheart until, one afternoon in June 2018, she discovered that the man she deemed to be her perfect husband was living a double life.

While the docuseries may not add anything new for those who’d followed the hit podcast, it does bring up questions about the way we interact with true crime. Faison’s history as a TV producer once again raises the debate over how exploitative the treatment of the case is here, especially as until the final episode of the Hulu series, the story is mostly told from Faison’s perspective rather than that of the criminal case victim. It also raises questions about the law and how society repeatedly fails to believe the victim because the accused was widely considered a “nice guy.”

Who Is Spencer Herron, and How Did He Meet His Wife, Jenifer Faison?

Spencer Herron is a former teacher and convicted sex offender who in 2018, was arrested for the sexual assault of a student. During his time as a teacher Herron was Cobb County teacher of the year twice and worked as a video production teacher at Kell High School in Marietta, Georgia.


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