Ncuti Gatwa Confirms He’ll Be Back For Doctor Who Series 15

Gatwa’s Doctor won’t be a Christopher Eccleston one-and-done.

Photo: BBC/Bad Wolf

If you haven’t yet read Alison Rumfitt’s entertaining and insightful interview with Ncuti Gatwa for Rolling Stone UK, here’s where to head. If any fans needed reassurance that the right actor with the right energy had been picked to play the next Doctor, that’s where they’ll find it – in a free-wheeling conversation about Barbie, Sex Education, theatre, Magic Mike Live! astrology, religion, fashion, and of course Doctor Who.

In the course of Gatwa and Rumfitt’s conversation about his work on stage, the next Doctor said that he’d like to return to roles in the theatre: “I’m planning on getting back to it next year, after I finish season two of Doctor Who.”

Just give us the time, place and box-office link, and we’ll be there, Ncuti. More importantly though for Who fans, is confirmation that, barring accidents, Gatwa’s Doctor won’t be a Christopher Eccleston one-and-done. There’ll be no regeneration at the end of next year’s series 14, and the 15th Doctor will continue at least into the show’s 15th series since the 2005 revival.

Showrunner Russell T Davies has made no secret of the fact that Series 15 is already in the works, and in issue 592 of Doctor Who Magazine, teased three words relating to the new scripts: “garden”, “firmament” and “diploma”. (We’re thinking the Doctor gets a vocational qualification at a religious landscaping college.)


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