Doctor Who: Should Russell T Davies Acknowledge The Timeless Child?

Ignore it, treat it as unalterable fact, twist it? How should the new Doctor Who episodes deal with a controversial part of Chris Chibnall’s legacy?

Jodie Whittaker as the Doctor in Doctor Who Season 12
Photo: BBC One

The legacy of Chris Chibnall’s reign as Doctor Who showrunner is a controversial one, and even now it’s unclear how history will judge it. Chibnall brought in a lot of important and necessary steps in the show’s evolution, including the first woman Doctor, the first non-white Doctor, the first non-white writer on the show, and a real attempt to bring back the educational aspect of the series for the first time in decades.

There were also things some fans were sceptical about. For many, the resolution of the giant Flux arc left something to be desired. The destruction of Gallifrey for the second, or possibly even third time, depending on your personal canon. Cybermen with giant frilly Time Lord collars… 

But the biggest controversy, without a doubt, has been the story arc known as “The Timeless Child”.

What Is “The Timeless Child”?

For those that need reminding, the Timeless Child was a story arc that revealed the Doctor had a hidden past.


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