Shaun Evans Champions Endeavour’s “Brutal” Dream Sequence

For years, “every fibre” of Morse’s being had been longing for that heartbreaking moment, says the Endeavour star. Spoilers.

Shaun Evans as Endeavour Morse in the Endeavour series nine finale
Photo: Mammoth Screen/ITV/PBS Masterpiece

Warning: contains spoilers for Endeavour series nine episode three ‘Exeunt’.

Shaun Evans “didn’t want to leave anyone in any doubt” as to exactly how his character felt about Joan Thursday in the Endeavour finale. Speaking on the Masterpiece Studio podcast with host Jace Lacob, Evans explains, “It’s all well and good having sidelong glances in the mirror at someone, but it was important to me to leave the audience knowing this is where his heart is.”

After the finale’s brief but unforgettable daydream scene, Endeavour’s audience were left in zero doubt about where Morse’s heart was – unmendably broken, devoted to Joan Thursday but having left it too late to ever tell her.

Too late at least, in the show’s reality. In Endeavour’s mind, he imagined what it would be like to tell Joan the truth – that he’s loved her ever since she first opened the door to the Thursdays’ semi-detached to greet her dad’s new bagman. Viewers were let into that privileged, imagined moment when we saw Endeavour arrive late to Joan and Jim’s wedding reception, confess his love to Joan and share a passionate kiss with her, before time instantly rewound to the point where it was still unsaid, and would remain so forever.


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