Apple TV+’s Foundation Still Has a (Very) Long Term Plan

Foundation showrunner David S. Goyer sticks to his original forecast for how long the show could run. But can he get there?

Episode 1. Cassian Bilton and Lee Pace in "Foundation," premiering July 14, 2023 on Apple TV+.
Photo: Apple TV+

When season 1 of the Apple TV+ series Foundation premiered in September 2021, showrunner David S. Goyer (the Dark Knight trilogy) famously revealed that he pitched Apple on an eight-season, 80-hour saga, walking execs at the company through an overview of how he saw the entire narrative unfolding.

“Apple knew that this was a big undertaking and they wanted to make sure that I was writing towards something,” Goyer told Decider at the time. “They said, ‘Can you take us through all eight [seasons]?’ and over the course of about two hours I did take them through all eight [seasons], so hopefully we’ll get there.”

Flash forward to now, with the premiere of Foundation season 2 happening this week on the Apple streaming platform, and Goyer says that he’s sticking to his original eight-season framework.

“It is still the case,” he tells Den of Geek at a London press day for the show (before the SAG-AFTRA strike). “We’ll see whether or not I have the resolve to actually get there. It’s already taken five years of my life. So the idea of it being another 10 years, at least, is kind of daunting. But if the audience is there, and I’m still having a good time, and the cast are still having a good time, then absolutely.”


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