A Helpful Guide to the Skarsgård Family Cinematic Universe

Beloved Swedish actor Stellan Skarsgård has eight children, and quite a few of them have also become successful actors!

The Skarsgard Family of Actors
Photo: Disney, BBC, Netflix, HBO, 20th Century Studios

Keeping it in the family is very much a Hollywood tradition at this point, and in the 21st century acting families are still thriving. Whether it be Cuba Gooding Jr.’s son Mason joining the cast of the last two Scream movies, Lily-Rose Depp leading The Idol, Maya Hawke becoming a fan favorite in Stranger Things, or Ethan Peck (grandson of Gregory) roaming the bridge of the Enterprise in Star Trek, there’s always a new generation of nepo babies lurching from crib to screen.

But one man is overwhelmingly leading the pack in terms of famous male offspring these days. A man who could conceivably consider the Kardashians his Warios. And that’s Stellan Skarsgård.

A Swedish gentleman well into his 70s with an effortlessly friendly demeanour and a soothingly craggy face, Skarsgård now has eight children, and it’s a solid bet that if you see the name Skarsgård in the credits of a movie or TV series, and it isn’t preceded by “Stellan”, it will turn out to be one of his kids instead.

If you’re struggling to separate your Bills from your Alexanders, fear not. Our handy guide will usher you through all the Skarsgård clan of note, so that you can confidently say “no, that was Gustaf actually” in a heated argument at a later date.


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