Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Season 3 – What’s Next for the Series After That Cliffhanger?

There won’t be a Star Trek: Strange New Worlds season 2 episode 11 but here’s what we know about season 3!

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This Star Trek: Strange New Worlds article contains spoilers.

Captain Pike has a terrible choice to make. In the final minutes of the finale of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, Pike’s plan to rescue the survivors of an attack by the monstrous alien species, the Gorn, is thwarted by his own people. His superior Admiral April orders the immediate withdrawal, fearing that exposure to the increased Gorn onslaught would cost Starfleet its flagship, the USS Enterprise. In the midst of intergalactic chaos, Pike stumbles back, weighed down by this seemingly no-win scenario.

The finale caps off what has been an outstanding season of television for Strange New Worlds, throwing back to classic Star Trek sensibilities and standalone episodes while taking advantage of contemporary production values and storytelling possibilities.

Strange New Worlds Season 2 Finale Ending Explained: A Huge Cliffhanger and What’s Next for the Enterprise

“Hegemony” pays off a storyline teased from the first season of Strange New Worlds, finally pitting Starfleet against the Gorn Hegemony. Even non-Trekkies know the Gorn from the infamous TOS episode “Arena,” in which Captain Kirk battled a toga-clad lizard man on a desert planet. Where the Gorn came to represent the charm and cheese of classic Trek, SNW presents a far more dangerous version of the alien, as demonstrated by the trauma La’an still carries and the damage wrought by a single young Gorn in the season one episode “All Those Who Wander.”


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