The Suits Spinoff That You Forgot Happened

After the streaming success of Suits, is a spinoff in the works? It turns out you may have already missed it.

Jessica Pearson (Gina Torres) in Pearson
Photo: USA Network

USA Network legal drama Suits has entered an important second phase in its TV life. After airing throughout the 2010s on basic cable, the show about a very busy New York law firm has become an unexpected hit in the streaming world.

Though all nine seasons of the series have been available to stream on Peacock for awhile now, the addition of the first eight seasons to Netflix on June 17 helped supercharge its popularity. According to Nielsen, Suits has broken streaming records with the number of minutes it was streamed across multiple platforms this summer. Anecdotally, you may even know of several folks cranking through the show’s 134 episodes right now – or maybe that person is even you!

While Suits‘ “second phase” as a bona fide streaming phenomenon is an impressive achievement for any show with cable origins, there is still one more phase in the TV life cycle it needed to conquer: a spinoff. And believe it or not, Suits already reached that phase well before its streaming era began and before its cable era even ended.

Premiering on July 17, 2019 (the same day as the final season of Suits‘ premiere) political drama Pearson starred Suits character Jessica Pearson (Gina Torres) and was the show’s attempt at building out a proper TV franchise. Suffice it to say, that attempt didn’t go so well. Pearson‘s first and only season came and went with such little fanfare that even ardent Suits watchers could be forgiven for not knowing it ever existed.


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