Zombieverse Cast: Netflix Reality Series Contestants Ranked by Relatability

Netflix’s new reality series pits Korean celebrities against a zombie apocalypse. Here is who we’d most want to survive Zombieverse with.

Photo: Netflix

The best zombie stories center relatable every-people to root for in the ongoing apocalypse. Zombieverse, a new Korean unscripted TV series featuring people trying to survive a fictional zombie outbreak in Seoul, has an eclectic, mostly relatable cast of characters going for it (in addition to the truly remarkable stunt team). 

Heading into this show, a Korean audience would be familiar with most if not all of these celebrity cast members, tipping the average viewer off to the fact that this is a reality show almost immediately. However, if you’re not part of the Korean audience—and you don’t regularly watch Korean variety shows—then you are probably, at least initially, at a loss. 

The series begins with five celebrity hosts sitting on a couch, commenting on a fictional dating reality show mere feet away. Without warning, one of the dating show contestants starts mauling the neck of their potential love interest, sending our celebrity host characters into a mad scramble to avoid getting bitten themselves. From there, the group takes off across Seoul, encountering other Zombieverse cast members along the way. 

Because this is such an odd, relatively untested concept—an unscripted series about a fictional disaster in which the contestants have to pretend they believe the zombie apocalypse is actually happening—the success of the show hinges on how interesting the cast (and their dynamics with one another) are to watch. Here’s a rundown of every cast member you will meet in Netflix’s Zombieverse, along with a breakdown of their relatability as a zombie apocalypse protag.


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