Marvel Villains Ranked: Thanos, High Evolutionary, and Beyond!

The MCU has a lot of villains, but who is the best of the worst?

Marvel Villain Collage
Photo: Marvel

This article contains spoilers

Bring on the bad guys! That’s been the battle cry of the Marvel Universe since before it was even called the Marvel Universe. The first few issues of Fantastic Four in the early 60s gave the world some of the best villains of all time, including the Mole Man and Doctor Doom.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe, however, didn’t start out so well. For a long time, the big knock against the MCU was that it had great heroes and lousy villains. Sure, everyone likes Loki, but no one thought Malekith or Red Skull upstaged Thor and Captain America.

Over the years, fans and detractors have added other points to their list of complaints about the MCU. But the “bad bad guys” critique sticks around, even as the universe expands to thirty-two films and nine (official) tv series. But if you take a look at the franchise’s rogues gallery, you’d find a ton of compelling antagonists. Here are all forty-one major bad guys in the MCU ranked, proving once and for all that the franchise has some pretty great villains …and also some pretty terrible villains!


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