Strange New Worlds Just Set Up One of Star Trek: The Original Series’ Greatest Stories

Martin Quinn’s arrival on Star Trek: Strange New Worlds as Scotty paves the way for one of The Original Series’ greatest stories ever told!

The Enterprise in Star Trek: The Original Series

This Star Trek: Strange New Worlds article contains spoilers.

The Strange New Worlds finale, “Hegemony,” dropped a lot of big dramatic events, from a Gorn invasion to Pike having to choose between his orders and his duty to his crew in a devastating cliffhanger that has us hoping the AMPTP will immediately fold and concede to all demands so we can get season 3 into production ASAP. But among all of those twist and turns, we also saw the beginnings of one of the greatest love stories Star Trek has ever known.

No, we don’t mean Spock and Nurse Chapel. Or Pike and Batel. We don’t even mean Kirk and Spock, or my personal favorite, Picard and Q. We are taking about the timeless, enduring love story of a simple, salt-of-the-earth lad from Aberdeen, and a big, beautiful, tritanium-alloy lady named Enterprise.

Kirk might think that the Enterprise is his first love, but the truth is that Kirk has always been mostly in love with the Captain’s Chair. When we meet Scotty in The Original Series, however, he knows every nut and bolt of the glorious vessel. As the writer’s guide for the series attests, “He regards the U.S.S. Enterprise as his personal vessel and the Engineering Section as his private world where even Captain James Kirk is only a privileged trespasser.”


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