The Lincoln Lawyer Season 2 Ending Explained: What Happened to Glory Days?

Netflix’s The Lincoln Lawyer season 2 ends with Mickey Haller in pretty familiar territory. Let’s take a closer look.

The Lincoln Lawyer. (L to R) Manuel Garcia-Rulfo as Mickey Haller, Nancy Lantis as Medical Examiner in episode 210 of The Lincoln Lawyer.
Photo: Lara Solanki | Netflix

This article contains spoilers for The Lincoln Lawyer season 2 finale.

Mickey Haller’s life has been very eventful. From working out of the back of his car at the beginning of season one to his own office, his own staff, and being on the front page of every newspaper in the country, the titular Lincoln Lawyer from Netflix’s hit series The Lincoln Lawyer has had quite a turn-around. A high-profile murder case ending with your client getting executed vigilante-style in broad daylight tends to boost your profile. Now sober and ready to build his life again, Mickey (Manuel García-Rulfo) has clearly made the most of his second chance. 

He’s clearly busy. Mickey spends season 2 rushing around from interview to interview, case to case, striking while the iron is hot. He’s stretched thin, and that strain is falling on everyone around him. The LA Times interviews and horseback riding lessons are all fun, meanwhile Lorna (Becki Newton) and Izzy (Jazzy Raycole) try their best to keep his practice above water while negotiating their own busy lives. Lorna is deep into law school and marriage prep stemming from the season one finale and Izzy is working to achieve her dream of owning a dance studio. 

Just when things were starting to look a little too calm, another murder case falls into Mickey’s lap, this time involving a talented chef he’s been hooking up with, Lisa Trammel (Lana Parrilla). Never one to turn away a chance at more headlines, Mickey ends the affair and takes on another headline-making case. Here’s how it all goes down by the end of The Lincoln Lawyer season 2.


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