Doctor Who’s Best Historical Episodes: Aztecs, Greeks, Daleks & Demons

Presenting: the Top 10 Doctor Who historicals.

Doctor Who Best Historical Episodes: Father's Day, Demons of the Punjab, Human Nature, The Time Meddler, The Eaters of Light
Photo: BBC

60 years ago, Doctor Who was created with a strong educational element, mixing science and history facts with adventure. Initially some stories featured no science-fiction elements outside of the TARDIS and its crew. This story format petered out by the fourth season, and ′The Highlanders′ was the last example until ′Black Orchid′ in 1982.

The final story of the second season created the ′Pseudo-historical′ format – a story set in Earth′s history but with an additional science-fiction element to the TARDIS crew. This format persists to the present day. By ′Best Historical Episodes′ here, we don’t mean the dozen or so purely historical stories, but are including pseudo-historical stories too.

Some of these stories have a historical setting based around a historical celebrity (e.g., ′The Shakespeare Code’, ′The Unicorn and the Wasp′). Others are more intertwined with historical events and use that setting as a springboard for their stories, but they all represent the best the show has delivered so far.

10. Father’s Day (Series 1, 2005)

Written by Paul Cornell, directed by Joe Ahearne.


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