The Best TV Shows of 2023 (So Far)

Television has been on its A-game this year. Here are the best shows we’ve enjoyed in 2023 thus far.

Best TV Shows of 2023 So Far
Photo: Art by Lucy Quintanilla

It seems like there’s always something jeopardizing the TV calendar of late. Just a few years ago, this virus you may have heard about disrupted production and threw television into chaos. Now studios are staring down the specter of a double strike that threatens to upend the fall TV season and perhaps beyond.*

*Here is where we make the helpful suggestion to Hollywood that they should meet writers and actors’ very reasonable requests to avoid this.

Still, the medium always has a way of chugging along all the same. 2023 has been no different with superb new seasons of classic series and out-of-nowhere hits delighting us alike. The year may not be over yet but it’s still never a bad time to take a TV vibe check. So that’s just what we’ll do! Here are the best TV shows of 2023…so far.

*Editor’s Note: This list will be presented in alphabetical order. You can find our list of the best British TV shows of 2023 so far over here.


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