Babylon 5 Just Brought Back Its Most Frightening Storyline in a New Way

In The Road Home, one parallel universe calls back some of the best Babylon 5 episodes ever.

Babylon 5
Photo: Adult Swim

This Babylon 5 article contains spoilers.

Like Billy Pilgrim before him, John Sheridan has become unstuck in time. Again!

On May 13, 1996, Babylon 5 aired the first part of a two-parter epic called “War Without End.” In it, the crew of the White Star are tasked with stealing the space station Babylon 4 and sending it back in time 1,000 years to defeat the Shadows in a previous war, all so the Shadows are weaker in the present. But, if they fail, another, much darker parallel universe will unfold. And while we’ve only seen glimpses of that universe before, in the new Babylon 5 animated movie, The Road Home, this specific alternate timeline is explored in a way that calls back not just to “War Without End,” but to the season 1 banger, “Babylon Squared,” too.

In The Road Home, John Sheridan leaves Babylon 5 in 2262, but finds himself slipping between timeframes and parallel dimensions after a tachyon-based generator pushes him out of his own timestream. As Sheridan jumps between dimensions and times, we briefly see him revisit the moment in “War Without End” in which his time stabilizer was damaged. As Sheridan says, “It’s happening again,” but this time, he doesn’t just end up in a bleak future, he sees alternate pasts, including one timeline which longtime fans are probably familiar with. 


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