Which TV Episode Do You Always Skip on a Rewatch?

There’s always one you can’t face revisiting.

Casts of: Doctor Who, Buffy, Parks & Rec, Star Trek: TNG, Brooklyn-99
Photo: BBC, NBC, CBS, Warner Bros./Lucy Quintanilla

Next episode? Don’t mind if I do.

The pleasure of rewatching a TV show is in shedding the responsibility of choice and submitting to the lazy river of an old favorite. Bob along its waters, allowing the current to pull you through the awkward early episodes, scandalous cast departures, writers’ strike half-season, all the way to the end – and then, why not? Start all over again. No pressure to choose. No burden of achievement. Just familiarity and comfort. Bob. Bob. Bob.

Until! An episode on the horizon threatens to interrupt your flow. If you just let it happen, you’d be pulled out of your reverie for a full 22 or – worse – 48 minutes. Perhaps it’s bad, or uncomfortable, or has unpleasant associations, or simply makes you feel too much. Either way, you skip it every time. Here are our writers’ nominations.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine season five, episode 19, “Bachelor/ette Party”

Boyle in Brooklyn-99 episode Bachelor/ette Party

I love Brooklyn 99. Even when it’s not wall-to-wall hilarious, it’s always incredibly good natured, and it’s just great fun spending time with this bunch of weirdos. It even makes being a cop look kinda cool. But the Bachelor/ette party episode, while maintaining the show’s general level of quality, is just… a bit sad.


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