Star Trek Producers Reveal Film Series Idea

Star Trek: Prodigy may be facing cancelation, but the show’s producers have their sights set on the silver screen.

Star Trek: Prodigy
Photo: Paramount

Six seasons and a movie! Before Community made that phrase its mantra, it belonged to Star Trek… sorta. The release of The Motion Picture vindicated fans of The Original Series, who only grew in number after the show’s cancellation after three seasons in 1969. So successful were those films that the Star Trek: The Next Generation films were a foregone conclusion, with Star Trek: Generations going into production before the seventh and final season finished airing.

Outside of TOS and TNG, no other Trek series has gone onto the big screen, and Star Trek: Prodigy seems the least likely to break that streak. After all, the series was reportedly canceled and was ignominiously removed from Paramount+, the so-called “Home of Star Trek.” And yet, the show’s producers told attendees at Star Trek: Las Vegas that hope is not gone for the plucky animated series.

According to TrekMovie, producers Kevin Hageman and Dan Hageman, as well as co-executive Aaron Waltke, showed no sign of despair about their show’s current status. “CBS Studios and Secret Hideout are nothing but supportive,” Waltke told the crowd. “We are continuing to make the show. We have 10 episodes in the can and 10 more that’ll be done by the end of the year.”

But it doesn’t stop there for the Hagemans. “My master hope, I want the show picked up,” admitted Kevin. “I want a season 3. I want Season 3 to set up an animated film series.” That might seem like a bold claim, but Kevin is undeterred. “Because why not? I think Star Trek needs to have an epic animated film series that has a new adventure every couple of years that the whole family can go see.”


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