Invasion Season 1 Recap: A Slow-Burning Sci-Fi Disaster Drama

The first season of Apple TV+’s sci-fi drama explores the global implications of an alien invasion. Here’s how.

Golshifteh Farahani, Azhy Robertson and Tara Moayedi in “Invasion,” now streaming on Apple TV+.
Photo: Apple TV+

Invasion, Apple TV+’s science fiction epic, returns to screens on August 23 with its second season. Now is the right time to binge season 1 and be grateful that you don’t have to wait two years to find out what happens next. For those viewers who’ve seen the show and need a refresher (and everyone else who is just curious), here’s a recap of what happened in Invasion season 1.

The Alien Invasion Begins … Slowly

With its dramatic scope and global perspective, the show explores the first week of the aftermath of mysterious events that leave Earth forever changed. Chaos and confusion reign, and it takes a few days for humans across the globe to realize that the jagged-metal meteor showers, power outages, and communication disruptions are caused by extraterrestrial forces. 

Invasion offers a mélange of intrigue, character development, and slow-burn pacing. Co-creators Simon Kinberg (Deadpool) and David Weil (Hunters) may be known for blockbusters that explode with action, but Invasion takes a preamble approach with the word “alien” making its first appearance midway through the first season’s 10 episodes.

Visually, Invasion impresses with its high production values and diverse geographic locations. The cinematography captures the beauty and eeriness of the affected landscapes, adding to the show’s overall sense of atmosphere. The extraterrestrial elements are designed with care, ranging from enormous, oscillating metallic gills and scales to needle-limbed, roving slug creatures, all of which is only seen in glimpses. The show focuses more on human reactions rather than overindulging in CGI spectacle.


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