For All Mankind Deserves to Be the Biggest Sci-Fi Show on TV

Apple’s underrated alternate history series, For All Mankind, keeps getting better.

For All Mankind
Photo: Apple TV+

Not so long back, I had no idea what For All Mankind was really about. I’d heard that Star Trek veteran and Battlestar Galactica and Outlander creator Ronald D. Moore had co-created a new show that was streaming on Apple TV+, but since I didn’t have the service, it wasn’t in my orbit. That all changed this year when I got access to Apple TV+ and decided to catch up on their big offerings. 

What’s been clear from my experience with the streamer thus far is that Apple doesn’t just heavily invest in “content”. They don’t seem to greenlight a series, briefly check some numbers from an algorithm, then cancel it (cough Netflix). They don’t give creators the chance to make something fascinating and then bury it somewhere under a terrible interface (cough Prime). And they don’t typically delete an entire series as a tax write-off (this cough really is getting worse I should probably see a doctor). 

Indeed, For All Mankind, the show I’ll chat more about here, is all set to release a fourth season on Apple TV+ soon. Not bad for a pricey series that clearly doesn’t have a sizable viewership to speak of.

I started my Apple TV+ journey with For All Mankind as I consider myself a Moorehead. That is, I’ve been deeply Moorepilled in the past, binge-watching his reimagined version of BSG more than once, and sticking with Outlander until its seasons stretch to an eye-watering length, so his latest series seemed as good a place to start as any.


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