Who Is Erin Carter? Ending Explained

Get to the bottom of all the mysteries in Netflix’s latest hit series, Who Is Erin Carter?

Who Is Erin Carter Cast
Photo: Netflix

This article contains spoilers

Netflix has a new hit show on its hands with Who Is Erin Carter?. The series, about a beautiful British teacher dealing with some serious fallout after she’s caught up in robbery in Spain, is certainly filled with intriguing mysteries, most of which slowly unravel over the first season. But if you have some lingering questions about what exactly was going on in Who Is Erin Carter? (or didn’t make it to the end but need to know!) we’re here to help.

So, who is Erin Carter?

Erin Carter’s backstory was revealed in episode four of this seven-episode mini-series, making it the spine of the series as a whole. She was an orphan found by the police after her mother went out one night and disappeared. Her father was not in the picture. She was raised in foster homes and orphanages in England before joining the police as a trainee. She clearly feels ongoing trauma from her childhood and upbringing, and her strongest motivation throughout the series is making sure other children do not suffer the same. This is probably also what motivated her to become a schoolteacher.

Is she a career criminal, is she a spy, what?

After an incident with a creep of a fellow trainee put an end to her police career, she was recruited by DI Jim Armstrong for the fictional Centralized Intelligence and Operations agency to work undercover operations.


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