Reservation Dogs Makes an Already Classic Episode Even Better

Reservation Dogs season 3 episode 6 “Frankfurter Sandwich” greatly enriches what preceded it.

Uncle Brownie (Gary Farmer), Big Oil (Zahn McCarlon), Cheese Williams (Lane Factor), and Bucky (Wes Studi) in Reservation Dogs season 3 episode 6.
Photo: Shane Brown | FX

This article contains spoilers for Reservation Dogs season 3 episode 6.

“We’re just men, you know. We don’t know everything. We make mistakes. We don’t know shit.”

Slowly but surely, television is moving back to its original state and what the streaming era should have always embraced: weekly releases. As streaming series like Ahsoka, Only Murders in the Building, and others have proven, the weekly release model is usually the way to go when it comes to maximizing the potential of episodic storytelling.

And yet, some TV experiences can benefit from a binge – or at least a back-to-back screening. The most recent and brilliant example is Reservation Dogs‘ profoundly perfect double feature of “House Made of Bongs” and “Frankfurter Sandwich.”


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