Every Harlan Coben TV Thriller Ranked

Looking for a new Harlan Coben thriller to binge-watch? Here they all are from Shelter to The Stranger to The Innocent and more, ranked in recommendation order.

Adrian Greensmith, Jaden Michael and Abby Corrigan as Spoon, Mickey and Ema in Harlan Coben's Shelter
Photo: Prime Video

The immediate flaw in any attempt to stack the eleven (soon to be twelve, and counting) extant Harlan Coben TV thrillers in order of greatness is that none of them are exactly great. Nearly all of them though, are compulsive viewing and will pull you through a bucking and twisting story at the speed of a beagle on the scent of a nearby sausage. They’re packed with incident and revelations, and are generally performed by a charismatic cast so big that you’ll never quite meet them all, let alone tire of their company. Binge-watches par excellence, each one of these series is precision-designed to be gulped down in very few bites.

As these stories all shop for plot in the same aisle, chances are that if you enjoy one Harlan Coben thriller, you’ll enjoy the others. They’re all filled with cliff-hangers, twists, secret identities, surprise resurrections, flashback wigs, and oh-no-it-was-you-all-along reveals. They’re largely fun, is the point, despite an over-reliance on unlikely coincidence and a tendency to unravel come the finale. The European adaptations (so far there have been four British, three French, one Spanish, two Polish, and one US, with more on the way) tend to be less fun than the UK-set series, which lean into their high-colour absurdity with more gleeful abandon. If you’re watching with subtitles then, expect more nudity and sexual violence, and fewer comedy alpacas.

Here then, are all eleven Harlan Coben series so far (British-set series Fool Me Once, plus the newly announced Netflix Myron Bolitar continuing series are on their way) listed in order from least to most enjoyable, along with details of where they can be streamed.

11. Disparu à Jamais/Gone for Good (2021)

Watch on: Netflix


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