Taskmaster Series 16 Release Date and Line-Up Confirmed

Official: Contestants on series 16 of Taskmaster will include big talent like Julian Clary, Susan Wokoma and Sue Perkins!

Taskmaster Series 16 line-up
Photo: Avalon/Channel 4

2023 has already given us series 15’s perfect line-up – a gem of a season with Jenny Eclair’s endless joy, Kiell Smith-Bynoe’s cheeky competitiveness, Mae Martin’s cool smarts, Frankie Boyle’s affable bemusement and Ivo Graham’s adorable self-loathing keeping us laughing all the way through to summer.

And there’s not long to wait now until series 16 arrives. The new run of 10 episodes is confirmed to start airing weekly on Channel 4 and from Thursday September 21 at 9pm. That means – interruptions notwithstanding – the series finale should arrive on Thursday November 23, which is traditionally when the next line-up is announced.

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. The series 16 Taskmaster line-up comes first and back in June, was confirmed as comprising Julian Clary, Lucy Beaumont, Sue Perkins, Susan Wokoma and Sam Campbell. See them all in this first series trailer:

Let’s have a quick refresher on where we’ve seen the series 16 contestants before:


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