The Wheel of Time Season 2 Episode 4 Release Time and Season Recap So Far

Here’s everything you need to know about The Wheel of Time season 2 so far and when and where to catch the next installment.

Rand al'Thor wearing a hood in The Wheel of Time
Photo: Jan Thijs / Prime Video

This article contains The Wheel of Time spoilers.

The Wheel of Time season 2 finds our characters on their separate journeys, discovering their inner strength, special powers, or both! As the Dark One’s followers start to increase hostilities, the politics within the Aes Sedai and of the larger world are also beginning to heat up. Moiraine’s power is diminished, and Rand’s emergence as the Dragon Reborn continues unguided, so all focus is now on the growth of the other Two Rivers refugees… and the invasion from the West.

The next episode is entitled “Daughter of the Night,” in which we’ll learn more about a newly emerged force for evil while we wait anxiously to learn about the aftermath of Nynaeve’s harrowing journey through the Arches. Here’s what you need to know about episode 4 of season 2:

When Does The Wheel of Time Season 2 Episode 4 Come Out?

After dropping the first three episodes all at once, Prime Video will now release each episode a week at a time on Fridays. The Wheel of Time season 2 episode 4 will begin streaming on Friday, Sept. 8 on the service. The first batch of episodes premiered at 12 a.m. GMT or 8 p.m. ET the night before in the U.S. It remains to be seen if future installments will also be releasing early.


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