This How I Met Your Father Theory May Answer the Show’s Big Question

The identity of the father may still be a mystery after How I Met Your Father’s cancellation, but there are some likely contenders.

Sophie (Hilary Duff) sits alone in Pemberton's bar in How I Met Your Father
Photo: Patrick Wymore/Hulu

With the unfortunate cancellation of How I Met Your Father after only two seasons, we’ve not only had to say goodbye to one of the few streaming comedies that feels like a true sitcom, but now we’ll likely never know who the titular father actually is. The series’ predecessor How I Met Your Mother took eight seasons to finally reveal the identity of the mother, and while it’s hard to believe that HIMYF would have lasted that long anyway in the streaming era, it’s still sad that we won’t have the chance to see Sophie (Hilary Duff) find love the way Ted (Josh Radnor) did.

But just because HIMYM took so long to introduce the mother, doesn’t mean that we haven’t already met the father of Sophie’s child. The pilot episode even says that Sophie met the father the night of Sid (Suraj Sharma) and Hannah’s (Ashley Reyes) engagement. Based on the people we know that Sophie met that night, here are all of the possible fathers that she could have ended up with, beginning with the most likely option.


It turns out that Sid and Sophie shippers may have been on to something. According to a Reddit thread, Dan Levy (but not that Dan Levy), a writer for season 1 shared the identity of the father during a comedy show after parting ways with the series, saying that “the Indian guy is the father.” Now when this was first shared online, I admit I was skeptical of how true it could be. Sid and Hannah really seemed like the Marshall and Lily of the series and that they would be together for the duration of the show. However, the season 2 finale showed us that maybe they aren’t endgame after all.

Hannah and Sid decided that long-distance wasn’t working for their relationship anymore, so Hannah agreed to move back to New York to be with Sid. However, she shows up early, clearly in a rush to leave something behind in Los Angeles. It turns out that she kissed one of her co-workers and was desperate to cut ties with him before things progressed further. When Sid finds out, they get into a big fight and the series ends with a heartbroken Sid being comforted by his friends. It isn’t clear whether or not he and Hannah have broken up, but their relationship is definitely not what it used to be.


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