The Wheel of Time Season 2 Episode 5 Release Time and Story Recap So Far

Before season 2 episode 5 of The Wheel of Time returns, we examine how the story has unfolded and share when it will continue.

Egwene, Nynaeve, and Elayne holding lanterns in The Wheel of Time
Photo: Jan Thijs / Prime Video

This article contains The Wheel of Time spoilers.

The Wheel of Time season 2 continues with an additional lieutenant of the Dark One joining the fight despite Moiraine’s temporary victory. However, more of the main characters are beginning to discover the powers that lie within them to join the battle, though many of these new abilities come with consequences, not just for the protagonists but for those around them as well.

The next episode of The Wheel of Time is entitled “Damane,” which, for those who have read the books, indicates we’re about to learn more about the Seanchan, the invaders from the West. Non-readers will no doubt quickly learn what the title means as well. Here’s what everyone needs to know about episode 5 of season 2:

When Does The Wheel of Time Season 2 Episode 5 Come Out?

The pace slows down for the remaining installments the show with Prime Video releasing the remaining four episodes a week apart. The Wheel of Time season 2 episode 5 will begin streaming on Thursday, September 14 on the service. Although the network does not provide any official release timing, previous experience points to around 3pm EST for the US release.


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